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Why Web Services ?

Instead of having applications on a system in every company or organization, Web Services uses a central system with applications on a web server.
Anybody in the world can access the Web based system and solutions with any browser, without installation or setup of software.
Instead of paying large sums of money up front for hardware and software, the user or company pays a smaller monthly rental fee. No additional (hidden) costs as with owning a system.

Just a Browser:

The web-based system requires only a browser on any device (computer , mobile phone)  and a connection to the Internet.
The deployment becomes very easy throughout any organization, even if it has different locations in the world. Users can have access to the system through computers located at airports, Internet Cafés or on their notebooks in Wifi zones.

No significant up-front costs for software and hardware

As there is no purchase of software and no specific hardware required, there is no large up front costs and large fees for annual upgrades.

No specific IT support required:

As the users only require a standard browser, there is no need to hire an expensive IT professional staff or consultants to maintain the system.
Our services are guaranteed by certified engineers on duty night and day to maintain the Web server system.

Time frame of implementation is shorter

As the system is up and running by connecting the server website, the implementation time frame is significantly reduced.
Of course the training requirement will remain the same, whether the system is running locally or via the web.

Support - on-line help:

As the support can access the same system as the users, they can give better support without being locally present in your company.

Lower costs for multiple locations:

Formerly companies with multiple locations needed to organize and set-up and maintain expensive systems to accommodate remote access. As these systems are expensive and more complex to maintain and support, they were out of reach for many small businesses.
With a web-based system, even the smallest of companies can achieve data entry into a single system from multiple locations at affordable prices.

Work from home or on travel

As there is no difference in a browser at work or at home, a web-based system is ideal for employees requiring to work from home or on travel.

High-End Databases:

The same high-end database systems are used, that powers the largest companies or massively used high data load websites in the world.

No Backup Worries:

The servers are located in highly secure and fire protected locations and every day backup is provided of your data.

Up-to-date Application Code:

As with any system, updates, enhancements and patches are released on a continuous basis. The advantage is that the system you use always reflects the latest version, with the benefit of timely upgrades (no delay) and no additional costs. There is no need to pay consultants hefty fees to come in and implement system upgrades.

Expensive traditional systems:

Using a traditional business system, you have to invest and maintain your
own server. Also backup servers or backup systems services have to be in place or rented.
You have to set up backup systems and routines.
This results in a staggering starting fee. Additional costs for setting up a remote access solution will even drive the initial costs higher.

Traditional ASP

Several ASP companies have tried to avoid the investment and maintenance cost problems by setting up central maintenance centers that host the companies applications. However, the applications are available by transferring only the screen images. This approach and solutions still requires more than just a web browser on you client device.

In the end, a true Web Services solution brings as well as the low entry cost, the 'on site' support, the instant upgrades, the no worries, combined with the anywhere access benefit.

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