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Appmetrx Technology

The Appmetrx technology consists of a number of high performance building blocks geared toward web services, ip communications and data handling.

These building blocks were extracted from a number of operational projects, which were developed by our engineering team since the late 90's.
The original intent, when developing these specialized routines, was to optimize bottlenecks that potentially crippled these projects performance or scalability.

There is a trend to scale instead of optimize, the reasoning being that hardware is cheaper than development time. People are fond to agree on this, which probably explains why it's such a popular saying.
Of course, this often is the case indeed. At least a new server is easier to find and less moody than a developer.

Buying one server to save 3 months development time is a no-brainer.
But what if by removing the bottlenecks 1 server can handle the load of 3 ?
What if we're not talking about 1 server but 10 or 100 that can suddenly handle a much bigger load ?

What if your web application takes 10 seconds to respond to the client and your competitor's offering responds in 1 second ?
Performance issues usually can't be fixed by throwing more servers at it. Using faster servers has a big quick-fix success rate.
Unfortunately, when you are already using top of the line hardware this remains a nice theory.
Your clients might not want to hang around to watch the next episode of Moore's law.

Low Abstraction Impedance

Increased use of high-level languages and abstraction, layers of added complexity, depending on a database servers, which are often too general purpose to cut it, have lead to an increased occurrence of bottlenecks, that are too often just accepted as some sort of side effect.

In order to optimize development and execution time both Ruby on Rails and C++ are being used, where it is the most appropriate.
Ruby on Rails brings low abstraction impedance. And C++ high performance.

Abstraction impedance is a productivity killer that sucks up programmer time doing things that don't matter to what the application does.

Rails is a full-stack, open-source web framework in Ruby for writing real-world applications quickly and easily. Ruby on Rails takes care of the busy work, in order to let the developers focus on the time and performance critical parts of the application.
By combining Ruby and C++, high-performance applications can be delivered and adjusted to market demand.

Donald Knuth is often quoted saying: 'Premature optimization is the root of all evil'.
Yet, the full quote is: 'We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Yet we should not pass up our opportunities in that critical 3%'.
That critical 3% is where Appmetrx fits in.


Appmetrx is being used in LEADSExplorer, the first solution that we will soon be releasing under our own label.
The AppMetrx Technology is ready and geared for Enterprise 2.0.

The LEADSExplorer Blog

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